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We foster a community of game-changers, disruptors, and agents of change. We're on a mission to provide a platform for voices that deserve to be heard, and change the industry. With our purpose-driven relationships and partnerships, we'll help you navigate the industry, skyrocket your career, connect with top brands, and spread your message far and wide. Together, let's make a difference.

Brand expansion

As creators continue to successfully bridge digital media and traditional entertainment, House of 1212 will provide talent with a 360° creative approach by working across all platforms. We will expand talent and brand awareness across all categories, including campaign management, launching new business ventures from conception to execution – creating original content opportunities, cultivating lasting partnerships, starting podcasts, publishing books, booking speaking opportunities and personal appearances, to helping talent develop direct-to-consumer products and more.

Brand partnerships

We have close relationships with leading global brands across every industry (see our partners page). House of 1212 is unique because of our ability and desire to strategize, conceptualize, and execute. Our primary goal is to amplify each of our talent’s voices to reach further into their audience pool, and to connect them with brands who align with their values. Once a relationship is established, we collaborate with both talent and brand to develop and implement concepts to bring their creative vision to life. This is our superpower. It’s where we thrive. 

Talent management

We are proud to host a dynamic roster of artists, musicians, athletes, models, actors, podcasters, content creators, and influencers. We strategically develop talent through inspiring storytelling, groundbreaking experiences, and purpose-driven partnerships, while ensuring the talent's authenticity and goals are our top priority.

Speaker management

House of 1212 is represented by visionary innovators and expert orators, whose tangible and actionable takeaways inspire shifts in leadership, inspiration, and activism. We have 35+ years of collective knowledge and experience working with associations, corporations, production companies, and bureaus - tending to the finer details that result in seamless speaking engagements. Our fervor is rooted in connecting pivotal organizations with influential leaders who work to lift up their community. We handle everything from outreach to negotiations, industry networking, event management, and more.

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