Derived from numerology, 1212 is a powerful number that symbolizes abundance, organization and harmony, with prosperity, growth and enlightenment at its core. At House of 1212, we want to create a home for creators, talent, brand partners, and all those who work with us, surrounding them with a community that will propel them into their purpose.


Rula Zaabri
CEO & Co-Founder

Rula brings eight years experience in building startups and focusing on strategic partnerships. Prior, she was the Chief of Staff to Jay Shetty – overseeing strategic business initiatives. With House of 1212, she is looking to lead never-before-done partnerships and new business development with their talent. Her goal is to transform the agency into a global household name by expanding internationally as well as different verticals.

Brittany Louks
President & Co-Founder

With nine years experience in marketing and talent, Brittany is eager to pave a new way in the industry with House of 1212 – through purpose-driven relationships and partnerships. As President, her focus will be creative strategy, business development, and talent relations. Previously, she spent the last five years at Alo Yoga forging intentional brand partnerships within the wellness community and adjacent industries.

Jay Shetty
Partner & Co-Founder

Known for making wisdom go viral, Jay is a global bestselling author, award-winning storyteller, podcast host, and former monk, dedicated to helping people train their mind for peace and purpose every day. In 2019, Jay created On Purpose, now the world’s #1 Health and Wellness podcast. As a partner at House of 1212, he is looking to continue to reach billions of people across the world with his coaching and help them unlock their inner potential.

Blaire Zierke
Head of Operations & Co-Founder

As the Head of Operations for House of 1212, Blaire has mastered the art of connecting the dots and helping others problem solve by leveraging knowledge and relationships. Her experience ranges from technology startups to design firms, and thrives on helping others be as efficient and effective as possible. Her skill set includes strategic planning, change management, people operations, and communications.

Jeanette Fernandez
Head of Speaking Division

Driven with a purpose of empowering individuals with transformational tools, Jeanette heads the speaking division with more than ten years of experience in industry sales and talent management. With her diverse skill set, she has overseen business affairs for Chicago's premiere indie-house music record label. She also embarked on a unique culinary adventure, having opened a restaurant in Chicago that served global street food and supported the local art, fashion, and music community. Moreover, she is dedicated to helping speakers accelerate their meaningful and lasting impact on the global community.

A Message from the Founders

“We want to change the industry by amplifying creators' voices to positively impact the world. We aim to do this by scaling our talents' business capabilities and creating new opportunities for their brand.” 

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