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22 January 2021

Lisa Bilyeu is an entrepreneur, producer, best-selling author, public speaker, and host. Lisa co-founded the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and is co-founder and president of Impact Theory Studios, a revolutionary, digital-first studio that produces wildly entertaining and original content focusing on themes of confidence and empowerment. Lisa built a global audience while creating an impressive slate of content that has been viewed over half a billion times. This includes her hit digital series “Women of Impact,” a show that features extraordinary guests who, through their stories and expertise, help viewers build their confidence. With an uncanny eye for talent and market trends, Lisa oversees the in-house development of projects focused on female-driven and empowering content for multiple platforms including scripted, unscripted, and publishing, as well as overseeing all non-fiction content production for Impact Theory. Lisa tells her story of self-empowerment and success in her best-selling book “Radical Confidence”.

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Speech Topics & Descriptions

Radical Confidence

To not accept a life that is just “fine”, and realize that you can create a life that you find exciting and truly love living, Lisa knows firsthand that confidence is one of the most important tools you need to get you there. It's about NOT depending on someone else to be your confidence and support, but doing the work for yourself, taking action despite fear and doubt, and going after what you really want. Through her personal journey from housewife to billion-dollar entrepreneur, Lisa demonstrates that confidence isn’t a trait you're born with but a tool you can strengthen and develop. Her stories inspire audiences to step out of their comfort zone, and her practical strategies empower them to chase after their dreams with Radical Confidence boldly. 


Relationships are about growth, change, and constant communication - and Lisa’s marriage has faced it all. While no relationship is perfect, it can be beautiful when you recognize how much work it takes to be in a great one. In over 21 years of marriage, Lisa and her husband Tom went from planning a life full of kids to building multiple businesses to consciously choosing not to have children - all while growing an empire together. Through (a lot of) sickness and health, MASSIVE doubt from family and friends that they would last, and coming from VERY different cultural backgrounds, Tom and Lisa navigated life’s challenges and built a stronger relationship because of it. Despite the intricacies that come from having both a romantic and business relationship, they tackled their problems head on, didn’t shy away from the tough conversations, and made their marriage a top priority. Lisa shares her honest, authentic experiences and struggles with audiences so they can build successful relationships in their lives as well.

Women in Business/Entrepreneurship

From feeling stuck and frustrated as a housewife for eight years with no mission or dream to co-founding the billion-dollar unicorn company Quest Nutrition and then co-founding a social media empire, host of her own show and best-selling author, Lisa knows how to push the boundaries and preconceived notions in the business world and empower herself to make an impact. Her stories and lessons-learned inspire audiences to dream big, make a game plan, and push past fears, doubts, and imposter syndrome to take action anyway!

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